Save the Date: 17.-19. April 2020

After there was the anarchist book fair in Mannheim, it is now once again our turn! Even the “Verfassungsschutz” (the German “office for the protection of the constitution”) noticed that the last book fair in Freiburg was a success, and wrote about us:

The comprehensive program encompassed lectures, concerts and a “action training” to “prepare people for polticial actions”. This included the topics of teaching “blockade techniques” as well as “legal help” and how to cope with “repression”, which were announced.

So next time we will try to top that! Come by, the second anarchist book fair in Freiburg will be from the 17. to the 19. of April 2020. Write down the date!

Thank you… and see you soon!

A bit tired but happy we look back on a great weekend. Full of sun, lectures, book stands, concerts and workshops. We had a lot of fun organizing the book fair! We also want to thank all the people that helped us, be it by offering books, cooking, lecturing, offering workshops or helping out at the bar.
All in all, we are happy with how the book fair went and hope to see everybody either in Bern or next year in Mannheim at those book fairs. In Freiburg we will be back in 2020 with our second book fair, so keep your eyes open for announcements and write the 17th until 19th of April in your calenders!

If you have any comments, feedback or other nice words, please write us.

Sunday update

The last day has started, and the First Aid Workshop and the Book Lecture by Liberatout are occurring right now.

So here we have a final update on the schedule for today, since we were forced to switch some things around. The update on Rojava and the situation in Germany has been cancelled sadly, so we have moved the update on protests in France back to the 2pm slot.


The Schedule for Today:

  • 10-12 am
    • First Aid Workshop
    • Book Lecture: Liberatout
  • 12am – 4pm DIY-Printing
  • 12am
    • Anarchism and Ethnology
    • Intersektionell Feminism
  • 2pm
    • The ZAD – authoritarien Developments in France
  • 4pm closing concert with Dishlicker

Last Information

The book fair is about to begin! At 5pm we will welcome our guests and then start with Tar Sands, as the opening Lecture. But before that happens, here a last update.


We have even more events for sunday. Thus, the book fair will go untill 5pm on sunday, with the concert by Dishlicker at 4pm. The new events are an Update on the Situation in Rojava as well as one on the protests in France and a book lecture by Liberatout.

The first Aid Workshop will be at 10am on sunday.

The Skilltraining for Demonstrations will beginn on Saturday at 10am, we recommend attending from the start!

There is an Infopoint during the whole book fair for up to date information.

Only four more days!

…and a lot to do. At least for us. But a lot is already planned. The publishers which will be present during the book fair can be found on our website. The events we have scheduled for friday afternoon and evening are also ready to be presented, as well as the whole of saturday and the more relaxed ending on sunday.

We hope to see you soon, the fair will start timely on friday at 5pm. If you want to help out, either during the fair, before (preparing everything) or after (cleaning up), please contact us.

First publishers announced

With joy we can announce the first stands by several publishers, magazins and other organisations which will be present during our anarchist book fair:

First program announcements.

Sadly no english picture, sorry! But our first draft of events is done. You can find a description of the whole programm so far under the rider “Schedule“, where we have gathered what will happen on friday, saturday and sunday.

Save the Date: 20.-22. April 2018

We are organising an anarchist book fair in Freiburg im Breisgau (Germany) on the weekend of the 20th April. There will be workshops, lectures/discussions, book stands and more! The location is most likely going to be the Autonomous Center KTS.

More information will be made available soon.