A first review of the book fair

The anarchist book fair from 23.10-25.10 could take place despite Corona with hygiene measures and good mood.

This was the second anarchist book fair in Freiburg, which alternates with the anarchist book fair in Mannheim since 2018 and will hopefully take place again soon.

We look back on three days full of a colorful program, even though the concerts in the evening had to be cancelled due to the current corona situation. However, there were also many well-rested visitors* and orga-men.

At noon there were extended breaks in the sun and delicious food from the Mole Cooking Collective and the Kurdish Küfa, while the evenings ended with a small drink and on Sunday even at the campfire.

On three days there were workshops, readings, information events and D.I.Y. program items, such as linoleum printing, prisoners’ discs and an open screen printing workshop. There was also an exhibition on the Kurdish struggles in Rojava, house fights in Freiburg and an exhibition on adbusting.

On Friday the book fair starts with a reading of the book “Food for Future” and a scenic reading with the title “Circus of Justice”. For the early risers*, the book fair continued on Saturday at 10:00 with the opening of the many book stands and several exhibitions, while the program on Saturday, usually with three parallel events, also stretched into the evening hours.

After several well-attended lectures and readings, the book fair ended on Sunday in a round conclusion. Numerous visitors* helped with the dismantling of the exhibition, so that only a few hours later it looked as if nothing had happened – although everyone who was there knew how much happened that weekend.

What remains now are many new books that people want to read, a lot of input from the lectures, which are thought about every now and then, many new acquaintances and beautiful, shared moments and joy about how well the D.I.Y. concept worked with the shift plans and that everything was distributed on many shoulders during this weekend. Also, after a long (social contact) break, Corona allowed us to take a deep breath and recharge our batteries for political struggles, despite having to wear masks.

We thank all background structures and the many motivated helpers* for cooking, cleaning, numerous awareness layers and of course the speakers* and bookstalls for their political contributions!

Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

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