The anarchist book fair in the KTS starts on Friday at 5 pm (on time, so please come a little earlier!). Friday is the start of the weekend, to arrive, look around, and settle in in a relaxed manner.

5 pm: Welcoming

6 pm: Reading from Food for Future

In this book, Manz shows consistently and in detail how we can all already shop, consume, prepare, and enjoy eating in a climate-friendly manner. First of all, he sheds light on the negative reality of our food production and current nutritional situation and explains why these are climate-damaging, unecological, unhealthy, antisocial and resource-destroying. The main section then describes measures with which we can all start today and without additional costs to avert the imminent destruction of planetary ecosystems and the associated human and non-human life. In the near future, important tipping points of climate development will be passed and then, at the latest, the causative species of man himself will be massively confronted with the negative consequences of a radically changed earth’s surface. It is therefore imperative to counter this existential threat with the most diverse approaches. Manz shows in an impressive way what can already be changed today with a little good will.

Afterwards: Dinner (Delicious KüFa! cooking aids wanted, please contact us)

8 pm Scenic reading: Circus of Justice

A staged reading that depicts the absurd game of justice and reflects the trial of a person who participated in a militant demonstration against the “research laboratory” for nuclear waste.

The texts of the reading are excerpts from the June 2017 transcript of a mad trial. Loic the victim gives an example of how we make ourselves heard in court and strengthen our positions. A poet in court, a lawyer fighting for justice, confronts the state’s answers.

Years before the G20, Loic was already fighting virtually and analogously in Bure, where decades of resistance against France’s nuclear waste dump is intensifying.

The scenic reading was created in the context of the anti-repression work on G20. The soon to be published book contains the first printed German-language version of three texts by our companion Loic, who became known in this country particularly through his 16-month remand in the Holstenglacis prison in Hamburg in 2018 and 2019, as well as his combative trial declarations on the occasion of the so-called Elbchaussee trials.

Collective Against Everything