Aiming for emancipation and solidarity, we are organizing a diverse program for our three-days bookfair in april.

Since it is a bookfair, we will have book stands as well as info tables from different publishers and political groups on saturday (20.4.18) and sunday (21.4.18). Going beyond these, there will be different lectures and workshops on different topics of the radical left movement (follow the links to view the complete programm of the according day). On Friday evening, for those that are just arriving, we are organising a evening programm, more on that behind the link! Our aim is also, apart from theory, to have different options for praxis-oriented workshops. Here we will offer a extensive skills for action workshop on saturday, a screen-printing workshop and a first-aid workshop.

But our utopia encompasses much more: we will organize collective meals, a bar for extensive discussions with drinks on the side, concerts in the evening and other cultural additions to the schedule.

If you want to offer help in any area, please contact us at infoladen [at] kts-freiburg [doot] org (encryption key here).

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