All day:

On saturday we will start at 10am, from when on there will be book stands all day from different publishers, as well as some stands by other groups.

In addition, we are offering a skill training during all of saturday. The Skills 4 Action Network offers a workshop for many hours of fun and preperation for demonstrations and more. The topics of the training will be adjusted to the preferences of the participants, the basich modules are:

  • Motivation and goals
  • Dealing with Fears
  • Thoughts on social and civil disobediance
  • Affinity groups as a social base for action
  • Decisionmaking in affinity groups and between them
  • Blockadetechniques / Circumventing police cordons
  • introduction to legal support and dealing with repression

Workshops & Lectures

10 am:

  • The Tyranny of unstructured groups

Always the same people talking at meetings? Decisions made, but after the meeting it still is unclear what was decided? Only close aquaintances know whats really happening?

We want to talk about our struggles in our own groups, discuss our own ways of working, look at new ideas and learn from one another. How do we reconcile different individual needs? How do we confront unofficial hierarchies or the reproduction of different forms of oppression in our own structures?

  • Climate Justice (EKIB)

12 am

  • Book Lecture: The short spring of the bavarian soviet republic

One hundred years ago a small people at the edge of the Alps managed one of the few sucessful revolutions in Germany. The Diary of the bavarian soviet republic recounts the this event with the stories of three revolutionary people: The anarchist Erich Mühsam (Revolutionary workers’ council), the communist Hilde Kramer (KPD) and the radikal socialist Ernst Toller (USPD).

The book differentiates itself from other works on the same topic in several ways. As a tri-biography it offers insights into the personal hopes, strategies and failures of the bavarian revolution. It combines modern research with interessting storytelling. The book refutes the myth that the republic was a fantasy of some literates and showcases the part played by the masses. It also highlights the revolution in the bavarian country as well as in the capitol city of munich.

  • Living in Resistance – The Zapatistas

16 am

  • Indymedia Ban – Repression and Context


On saturday we will have kurdisch meals for lunch and dinner, so arround 2pm and 8 pm. Help in the kitchen wanted!

Evening concerts

After dinner and all the lectures and workshops there will be a nice little evening concert with Hizstory, Faulenza and Netzwerk