On sunday we begin again at 10am, but the day won’t be as long so everyone can journey home easily. Complimentary to the book stands, which will also be around on sunday, there will also be Workshops and Lectures. The final event of the book fair will be a concert by Dishlicker at 3pm.

In Addition to the Lectures, we will have two workshops:

  • DIY-Print Workshop
  • First-Aid-Workshop


10 am

  • Intersectionell Feminism
  • Book Lecture: Verpuppung – A crime story in Germany

12 am

  • On the Relation of Anarchy and Ethnology

The academic subject Ethnology has, in the course of its history, looked at societies and groups, which reject authority, undermine staat structures and propagate hierarchy-free systems. Thus, the interess of the anarchist movement concerning ethnology is high, as the subject offers arguments and facts which support anarchist ideas. At the same time some central debattes, which are ongoing in ethnology, are in essence questions of power, inequality, submission and resistance. Questions, which repeatedly appear in anarchist theory.

This lecture will attempt to look at similarities of these discourses and show the interconnectedness of ethnology and anarchism. Critique from one concerning the other will also be adressed and possibilities for collaboration explored.

  • Information on current protests in France

14 Uhr

  • Rojava – Input on current situation & developments in germany.